Medical First Response

St. John Ambulance’s Medical First Response team is a group of highly skilled and trained first responders who provide medical coverage at events all throughout Northumberland County.

Level of Care

Our Medical First Response team consists of two levels of care. At any given event or duty you will have at least two Medical First Responders and any number of apprentices.

Medical First Responders are members who have completed a 80 hour first responder course to give them advanced first aid skills. These members are trained in basic medication (Asprin) administration, spinal immobilization, health care provider CPR, application of traction, and other advanced and basic first aid skills.

Apprentices are trained to the Standard First Aid level with a minimum of CPR C and are in training to become Medical First Responders. These members provide treatment and assistance alongside our Medical First Responders and attend the same weekly training’s as our full MFR Members.


Our Medical First Response team carries basic life support equipment and attend with a vehicle and shelter to every event, be that one of our ambulance’s, our tent or our trailer. We carry at least one AED to every event, oxygen, ventilators, aspirin, bandaging and splinting supplies, and a number of other basic and intermediate tools.

Get Coverage for Your Event

Looking for medical coverage for your event? Contact us for information on how to book the MFR Team.

Interested in Joining?

Does our MFR unit sound like the place for you? Contact us for information on how to join and upcoming intakes.